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Concentric Circles: Nurturing Awe and
Wonder in Early Learning
A Foundational Approach

Elma Ruth Harder
in consultation with
Muzaffar Iqbal

ISBN 0-9738744-1-4

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Paperback, pp. 316
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Concentric Circles—Nurturing Awe and Wonder in Early Childhood
provides a clear and practical approach to planning, organizing and facilitating the learning experience for young Muslim children. 

Table of Contents 

Introduction to the Book 

What is it about? 

Muslim Education Foundation (MEF) is dedicated to providing authentic Islamic educational resources and professional development training to educators.

  • These resources are developed using primary sources and are based on the Qurʾānic worldview which considers every human being to have been born on the innate nature (fiṭra).
  • This natural disposition is imbued with sound reason, a marked tendency to be and do good, recognize and serve the Creator. Our lived experiences may distort or enhance these innate dispositions. Education allows us to maintain a healthy relationship with this innate fiṭra.
  • MEF approach to education is based on this fundamental philosophy and it is guided by the First Principles.

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